Three-Month Yoga Fundamentals & Sadhana Programs

It has been six months since Atma Darshan Yogashram went online with a pursuit and determination to adapt to the changing times and continue to reach out to everyone as best as we could. Yoga has been the need of the hour.

As we go forward, we have felt the need to restructure our courses into extended comprehensive three-month programs for both the Fundamental and Sadhana classes, in order to address yoga in its totality of body, prana, mind and spirit.

Recognizing that a sustained practice is essential for anyone to truly benefit from yoga and appreciate its depth and beauty, the courses follow a progressive deepening of experience. No matter the level of your experience, whether that of a beginner or a regular practitioner, you are likely to benefit from the life tools the classes provide.

In a class situation, away from the daily duties of the day, you can relax fully while allowing the teacher to guide. Even for those with a regular sadhana, the guidance of a teacher often becomes essential to not only fine-tune knowledge of the practices and deepen the understanding, but also to drop away all other concerns.

We invite each one of you to participate in these programs, for we wish you to experience the joy of a yogic life. For we wish you to be healthier, happier and harmonious. For we are keen to share the invaluable knowledge received for the masters. For wellbeing is infectious and we wish to spread it.

Let us remember that yoga is not confined to a certain time and space and neither is it a quick-fix for our issues and problems. It is a lifestyle and an on-going sadhana.

The three-month Yoga Fundamentals and Yoga Sadhana programs will commence at the beginning of November 2020 and continue thereon.

*Please bear in mind that the courses are intended for people with a reasonable level of health who wish to enhance and maintain their overall wellbeing and experience of life.