The Vedic system of education goes back thousands of years. At that time, education referred to the overall development of the individual, not just for himself, but for the welfare of the entire community and to lead a more purposeful life. The purpose of life was defined as the quest for truth – the truth as the reason for our existence and welfare of all existence and creation.
A major focus of the education process was chanting of basic mantras, slokas and memorizing longer format chants like the Bhagavad Geeta, Vishnusahasranam. Today Neuroscience is waking up to the profound effects of chanting on the memory and functioning capacity of the brain.

Vedic chanting classes are held regularly at the ashram.

Please contact ashram office for class details.

“At the cosmic level spandan means vibration, and at the physical level, the vibrations are translated in the form of Mantras which affect the manifest nature, consciousness and mind, matter and energy.” Paramahamsa Swami Nirajanananda Saraswati.