Chandi Paath Satsang 2020 Dates: Saturday Sept 26th, Sunday Sept 27th, Saturday Oct 3rd, Sunday Oct 4th, Moday Oct 5th 3.30 AM to 5.30 AM

Link to Join Online:

Note to participants: Please have a bath before attending the Chandi Paath satsang. Light a lamp or candle wherever you are

Goddess Chandi is a power that lies within each and everyone of us as dormant potential, the source of all knowledge, wisdom and power. Her other name is kula kundalini. It is only through her divine intervention and interaction that we can build our own personal immunity to future problems. From the tantric tradition and view point Chandi is the goddess responsible for the change and transformation that we experience in our lives. She has to be invoked and aroused by worship so that our higher intelligence can be the source by which we protect ourselves.

-Swami Satyananda Saraswati

As our planet shifts into the Devi mode at the turn of the autumn equinox, let us remember to connect yet again with our Divine Mother, who is Devi. Spend sometime with her. sharing your joys and sorrows, missteps and breakthroughs. Swami Dharmakeerti in her September 2020 Satsang will lead us into understanding the significance of one of the most powerful methods of Devi invocation: The Chandi Paath. We will learn about the psychological implications of the characters in the story and also the meanings of Kavacha, Argala, Kilaka and various suktams of importance in it.