Daily Yoga Capsules

Yoga has given us a variety of tools to keep us well and balanced in every way.

Asanas  keeps the physical body flexible and free of disease,

Pranayamas  calm the mind and slow it down,

Yoga Nidra connects with one’s deeper self to help with the process of cleansing the mind – “chitta shuddhi”

These tools allow the creative part of our nature to develop to live a productive and healthy life.

Yoga is a way of life.

Therefore, to make a difference, all these practices have to be integrated into our daily living. In today’s day and age, with the pressure of everyday living, it is difficult to allocate a large amount of time to the practice of yoga.

Swami Niranjanananda has recommended daily program of short Yogic Capsules 

These are designed keeping in mind the hurried fast paced lives that we lead

Morning Mantra Japa

Mantra are syllables which set up vibrations in the body. When combined with the breath, mantras have the potential to realign the entire body so that it is in harmony. As we fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning the mind is like a calm lake if we are able to retain this stillness and relaxed awareness our days will be easier and more productive.

Immediately up on rising in the morning, before any other thought comes into your mind, and before you even get out of bed, repeat the following mantras:

Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra 11 times with a sankalpa for good health

Gayatri Mantra 11 times with a sankalpa for wisdom

32 names of Durga 3 times with a sankalpa for protection

Asana and Pranayama Practice  After your morning mantra japa, practice your asana routine for 30 minutes and your pranayama routine for 15 minutes.

Yoga Nidra In the evening, on your return from work, before engaging with the family, practice Yoga Nidra for 30 minutes. This will freshen you, remove the tensions of your workday and allow to you engage meaningfully with your family.

Guru Mantra – before you sleep at night, do your Guru Mantra Japa.

Once a year, it is recommended to spend 15 days in an ashram atmosphere to renew and regenerate yourself and engage in selfless service.

” The moment you begin to assert your spiritual will-power or begin to change to a new way of thinking, your destiny begins to change –
— Swami Satyananda Sarswati