Yoga For Organisations

Corporate Yoga Workshops

The highly demanding corporate life and the intense pace of technology has created stress in every part of our lives, professional and personal. It has made it more and more difficult to unwind, slow down and relax resulting in an epidemic of stress-related & psychosomatic disorders.

These are of serious concern from the perspective of the Management. Yoga is an ideal panacea for the individual and an ideal investment by a company.

“In our scientific technological age, Yoga can be described as a method to heal sickness of body and mind” Swami Satyananda, Founder Bihar School of Yoga

Swami Satyananda has said that most diseases today are caused due to mental stress and lifestyle. Yoga allows us a state of relaxed awareness and clear-mindedness, giving one a balanced view of life, to see situations at work and in our daily lives in a new light.

Like the layers of an onion, Yoga slowly and steadily works on removing the outer layers that cause disharmony, allowing one to blossom in your circumstances, thereby maximizing your potential.

The Workshops
Our programs can be spread over a period of 2 to 10 sessions (1-5 days). The workshops use the Yogic approach and time-tested principles, tailoring them to the work environment. These interactive and practical sessions equip you with the tools to have a more integrated approach to personal and professional relationships, harmonizing all aspects of your being.