About ADY

Decades ago before Bangalore became a hub for technology and yoga a trend, Atmadarshan Yogashram came into existence.

There was a lot of interest expressed in Yoga by people from diverse fields of the medical community, psychologists, alternative healing practitioners and devotees. Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda understood this and put Bangalore on the map of his mission to spread yoga from door to door.

Swami Satyananda’s first visit to Bangalore in 1979 was very well received by a wide cross section of people. At the end of the visit in an interview on the national radio he announced the opening of a YogaCenter in Bangalore. For this mission he deputed two well versed Swamis: Swami Muktananda & Swami Buddhananda who were instrumental in making the resolve of their guru’s mission a reality.

In 1982 a Yoga Convention was organized in the city. Swami Satyananda graced the occasion and christened the ashram – ‘Atma Darshan.’ He blessed all those present and meaningfully said “Seek darshan of your Atma and you will find everything, the whole Universe in it”

“The beginning of spiritual life stems from the service to humanity”
— Swami Niranjanananda Sarsawati