Yogic Lifestyle Course

The Yogic lifestyle course begins with allowing the mind to disengage from the external world which is our primary connection and concern. Our happiness and satisfaction, frustration and anxiety depend on external outcomes; we are buffeted by the winds of the circumstances of life.

When we have the ability to connect to our inner self through yogic practices, we are able to achieve complete well-being and a balanced view of all life situations leading to a deeper understanding of life.

This week-long residential program provides an opportunity to spend time in an ashram setting with daily classes in asana, pranayama, and meditation. You will also be introduced to yogic tools and techniques which you will put into practice during the course of the week. The understanding that you gain allows you to carry these learning’s back into your regular lifestyle.

The course concludes on a Saturday evening with the ancient fire ritual of the Maha Mrutyunjaya Havan invoking healing energy, immunity, and strength.

Take time out get to know and connect to yourself. Discover and live well-being.

Yogic lifestyle course dates 2020

  • January 13th – 18th
  • February 10th – 15th
  • March 9th – 14th
  • April 13th – 18th
  • May 11th – 16th
  • June 8th -13th
  • July 13th -18th
  • August 10th – 15th
  • September 7th – 12th
  • October 12th -17th
  • November 9th -14th
  • December 7th – 12th


Yoga is a fact the science of life energy; and Pranayama the most direct technique to adjust the flows of this life energy within the human body. Breathing connects our outer and inner world. It is a function that most of us take for granted, and one without which we would not be able to survive.

Breathing is more than just the intake of oxygen and pranayama more than just breath control. Breath is the thread of life and depending on its actions the entire life process is refined, balanced or thrown out of gear.
When we work with the breath through pranayama we can enhance our prana (life energy), immunity, efficiency, and capability. The practice of pranayama prepares the practitioner’s body and mind for safe and successful progress into meditation.

This 5-day course will give you an understanding on the theory, practice and application of this life enhancing technique.

Yoga Nidra

In a world where we receive a plethora of information each moment of the day, our minds are constantly working. This torrent has led to stress becoming the norm for all ages, from little children to seniors we have lost our natural ability to relax and be.

The ancient practice Yoga Nidra offers a solution. It is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. During the practice, one appears to be asleep, but the consciousness is functioning at a deeper level of awareness

Yoga Nidra can be practiced by anyone, of any age. It allows one to enhance learning through the sharpening of the memory, accessing deeper layers of the mind and effortlessly achieving goals in life. Thus the creative potential in each of one flower to the best of their capacity.

This 5-day course will walk you through the process of Yoga Nidra, teaching you how to relax your body physically, mentally and emotionally. The aspirant will be able to use the technique for problem-solving, learning and to enhance their creative potential.


There are many ways of understating meditation, it can be looked as stilling the mind, centering the mind, being one with oneself or being in the moment. It allows relaxation at both physical and mental levels which one cannot even experience in sleep.
At a physical level, profound changes take place in the body with a lowering of the metabolic rate, blood pressure, better blood flows and absorption of oxygen. At a mental level, one becomes aware of the inner processes of the mind to gain insight into the mental program that causes unhappiness in life. To reprogram the mind with mediation allows you to live a life that is happy and meaningful.

This course will teach you a practical way to learn and practice independently. It will also give an insight into the profound practice of mediation. Learn the basics of sitting comfortably, preparing the body for stillness, ways to develop your awareness. As you practice the benefits begin to unfold through the relaxation of the mind and body into an experience of deep inner peace.

Dates for Pranayama, Yoga Nidra & Dhyana

  • January 13th – 17th
  • February 10th – 14th
  • March 9th – 13th
  • April 13th – 17th
  • May 11th – 15th
  • June 8th -12th
  • July 13th -17th
  • August 10th – 14th
  • September 7th – 11th
  • October 12th -16th
  • November 9th -13th
  • December 7th – 11th
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“You have to look beyond practice into sadhana. Practice is an introduction to yoga for whatever your need may be. Then to experience yoga in its truest sense of the word you have to move from practice to sadhana to experience the aims as defined by the yogic principles.” Paramahamsa Swami Nirajanananda Saraswati.