We have a planned a year of retreats and courses to deepen your connection with your inner being and nourish the spirit within to make you more effective in the material sphere.


January 7th – Yoga for Pregnancy
March 4th & 5th – Stotrams for Protection – Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalamba Stotram
May 20th Growing up with Yoga
Jun 17th – Basics of Mediation
Aug 19th – Yoga & Learning
Dec 9th – Sankalpa – the Power of resolve


Jan 1st Sun Hanuman Chalisa
Jan 14th Sat Makara Sankranthi
Feb 1st Wed Basant Panchami
Feb 14th Tue Bal Yoga Diwas
Feb 24th Fri Shivaratri
March 28th Tue Chaitra Navaratri
April 5th Wed
April 5th Wed Ramnavami
April 28th Fri Akshaya Tritiya
June 22nd Wed Devi Samvatsara
July 9th Sun Guru Poornima
August 14th Mon Krishna Janmashtami
Sept 8th Fri Sri Swami Sivananda Janmostava
Sept 12th Tue Sri Swami Satyananda Sannyasa Day
Sept 21st Thur to 29th Fri Ashwin Navaratri
Sept 30th Sat Vijaya Dashami
Dec 5th Tue & 6th Wed Guru Bhakti Yoga